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 Tarlach Fair Notice and Updates

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Tarlach Fair Notice and Updates Empty
PostSubject: Tarlach Fair Notice and Updates   Tarlach Fair Notice and Updates EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 12:10 am

Reference: http://forum.nexon.net/Mabinogi/forums/thread/7696337.aspx

Written By: Zabuden

More progress has been made in continuing Spook's work on the Tarlach Fair. We're planning the next fair for Saturday, August 13th. Currently there are 6 events planned these are:

  • Pvp tourney: You get the idea: http://tarlach.wikidot.com/pvp
  • Pet Pvp: Owners test the Ai's of their pets against other pets in a battle. The strongest pet wins: http://tarlach.wikidot.com/petruns
  • Bardoff: Compete in musical contests to determine who is Tarlach's greatest musician: http://tarlach.wikidot.com/bardoff
  • Fashion Contest: Another traditional fair event, participants choose a category and wear clothes to fit that category. A panel of impartial judges will evaluate and score each participant: http://tarlach.wikidot.com/fashion
  • Homestead Judging: With the new addition of homesteads to mabi, players have been looking for an event where homesteads were judged on landscaping, appearance, etc.. We hope to provide that event in this fair:http://tarlach.wikidot.com/homestead-judging
  • Obstacle Course: Participants will attempt to clear a boobytrapped dungeon and make it to the end chest room first. This crazy event should bring adventure to anyone who tries their hand at it. I would just recommend not to wear anything you don't want un-blessed.

Sign ups for the events will be done via notes. Each event will recquire a note sent to a particular character. Please send the notes on the participating character to the following:

  • Pvp- Meriadocxx
  • Bardoff- Elvenkai
  • Homestead- fairchar1
  • Fashion- Kublakhan
  • Pet pvp- Rorrin
  • Obstacle Course- Kurosakisan

If we get enough donations/staff. We may open up the fishing event as well, however, that is all depending.

In addition, I could still use more people to help staff the fair and more donations to provide prizes for each event. The more people we get to staff, the more smoothly the events will run. Also, the more items we get, the more participants can be rewarded and the better each prize will be.

Please note/add me, Zabuden, if you would like to help staff one of the events. Furthermore, if you would like to donate any items or money, talk to me or loveforlife.

Lastly, there is one more issue that must be adressed. It is possible that some people may try to crash mabi during the fair. If this happens we may have to look into postponement or cancellation. If the fair turns out to be cancelled, we will return everything that we recieved and I will talk to spook about getting a list of everything he recieved in the past to see if that can be returned as well.

Cancellation is the last resort and we are very serious about hosting this fair. Only if mabi becomes unplayable will we think about postponement or cancellation. However, everyone should remain cautious during the fair. Try to refrain from moving items around during the day to prevent item loss. It's a shame that some people want to ruin the fun for everyone, but I believe that we can make this event and have fun regardless.
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Tarlach Fair Notice and Updates
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