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 Thunder Spaniels are Shocking Dogs!

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PostSubject: Thunder Spaniels are Shocking Dogs!   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:21 am

Coming into the third week of our Dog Days of Summer are the dainty Thunder Spaniels. Coming in either White or Dapple, these spaniels are sure to pack a serious punch with their powerful Thunder attack! Their ability to use this powerful spell seems to have enlightened these loyal hounds! No longer will they dirty their paws by walking on the earth, no! They use their ears to fly. Thunder Spaniels grow more powerful when near each other, so to increase their true potential, be sure to have a Dapple Spaniel and a White Spaniel in a party together. You will surely see their power grow!

Head over to the Web Shop and get a Thunder Spaniel of your own!
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Thunder Spaniels are Shocking Dogs!
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