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 Maid & Butler Guide

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PostSubject: Maid & Butler Guide   Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:20 am

Reference: http://mabidata.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1045

Basically this will cover the finer details of the future Partner system that introduce the maid and butler partners. The basic information are here: HERE

-Why Get A Partner-
  • Does not Age, this means their Companion Bonus will always be the same, which is really helpful with Butler's 10% Critical Bonus.
  • High skill level growth. Unlike pets, Partner's combat skills (Excluding Fireball and Ice Spear) can exceed beyond that of rank 5 even surpassing Tigers' Smash and Dragons' Windmill
    (Rank 5 @ lv60, Rank 4 @ lv80, Rank 3 @ lv140, Rank 2 @ lv160, Rank 1 @Lv200).
  • Equip-able. You can give maid and butler clothing, weapons, accessories to customize their looks.
  • Transportation. With Partner Broom/Carriage*, they can act as transportation to different parts of Erinn.
  • Remote Shops. You can buy various items from maid/butler like you do from NPCs but you can summon them anytime, even in dungeons.
  • Gathering Bonus. Partners can be summoned to help you gather, even in homestead farms.
  • Rank 1 cooking. Once per real day, they can use their rank 1 cooking skill to cook you a high quality dish, if you provide them the materials.
  • Partner Quest. Once per real day, you get receive a quest from them that rewards you exp from 50k~200k.
  • Partner Gifts. Once per real day, you can receive gifts from them. At high levels, you may even get a dye as a gift.
    *Partner Broom and Carriage are sold separately from the Partner itself.

-Partner Affection Level System-
In order to maximize your partner's potentials, it is important to raise their affection. Not only does it effects the ability of them helping you gather, it also affection their repair rate as well. At high affection levels new option such as propose will appear also (Only works if master and partner are opposite gender).

Partners have 2 extra stats in addition to the normal stats like players.
Favorite: Affection level, how much your partner like you. (Max value 255, Min value -225)
Stress: Stress level, how much stress your partner have. (Max value 100, Min value 0)
*Both stats are hidden, but when you do something that affects it wit will shown on screen like when you gain a stats.

Different Actions will result in raise/lower your partner's affection:
First Time Conversation / Favor -120
Pay 50k Salary (Saturday Only)* / Stress -100 / Favor +10
Pay 30k Salary (Saturday Only)* / Stress -70 / Favor +5
Pay 20K Salary (Saturday Only)* / Stress - 0/ Favor +2
Gift item to Partner (1RT) / Stress -50 / Favor +2
Ask for Gift and say like the Gift (1RT, Favor Level 50+) / Stress -50 / Favor +2
Ask for Gift and say don't like the Gift (1RT, Favor Level 50+) / Stress +10 / Favor -10
Ask for Gift and say angry with the Gift (1RT, Favor Level 50+) / Stress +30 / Favor -100
Partner Quest / Stress -50 / Favor +2
Give Food when Partner is Hungry / Stress -10 / Favor +0
Give Potion when HP/MP/Stamina is not full / Stress -10 / Favor +0
Stress at 100 (Periodically) / Favor -1~3
Hunger below 55% (Periodically) / Favor -1~3
Help Gathering (Each time) / Stress +1
*Although there will be the Pay Salary Option, there's system Force you to pay. If you do not wish to pay, simply not click on it.
**RT - 1 Real Day Time, ET - 1 Erinn Day Time

-Partner Gifts-
You can ask the partner for a gift when you have a Favor level of 50+ once per real day. In addition, You have 50% of getting a special gift when you reply you are angry with the normal gift and when you have raised their favorite level very high.
Normal Gifts List:
All Elite Passes
All Adv Dungeon Passes
Forest, Sulfur, Snow Golem Crystal
Shock Crystal
Arat Crystal
Muffin of Luck
Lollipop of Intelligence
Jelly Bean of Strength
HP potion 300, 100
MP potion 100
Stamina potion 100
Holy Water
Various Herbs

Special Gift List:
Hetero Kite Shield (Special Color)
Dragon Blade (Special Color)
Gladius (Special Color)
Cleaver (Special Color)
Leather Long Bow (Special Color)
Battle Hammer (Special Color)
Broad Sword (Special Color)
Dustin Silver Knight Armor (Special Color)
Lorica Leather Armor (Special Color)
Estaban Armor (M/F) (Special Color)
Arish Armor (F)
Metal Lightning Wand
Quercus Fire Wand
Par Ice Wand
Larva Cocoon
Finest Leather
Finest Leather Strap
Finest Silk
Finest Fabric
Finest Firewood
Butler Suit
Maid Uniform (Long/ Giant)
Maid Uniform (Short Giant)
Maid Uniform (Long)
Maid Uniform (Short)
Red Upgrade Stone
Blue Upgrade Stone
Fixed Color Dye
*The lists are not comprehensive.

-Partner Repairs/Gathering-
Partner's repair rate is determined by their personality and the their favor level, so be sure to choose the right personality that fits your needs.
Butler and Maid also repair different type of items, so be sure to choose the one you want.
Maid Personality:
Innocent - 95% on Accessory (Raised to 99% with high Affection Level), 98% on Clothing (Not affected by Affection Level)
Gentle/Lady Like - 95% on Accessory (Raised to 99% with high Affection Level) / 95% on Clothing (Raised to 99% with high Affection Level)

Butler Personality:
Cold/Sunny/Arrogant - 95% on Clothing (Raised to 99% with high Affection Level) / 94% on Magical Clothing/Weapons (Raised to 98% with high Affection Level)

Gathering Bonus:
When gathering with partner, they will increase your gather amount by +0~2

-Partner Quests-
Partner quests can be received once per real day.
The quest contains category such as: Give items, Defeat certain monsters, Complete certain dungeon/mission.
When un-summoned, the quest will disappear, therefore you cannot summon pets or channel change while doing the Partner Quests (Because you cannot un-summon them).
*Note, there are difficult quests such as give 20 Diamonds, complete Secret Mission Red Dragon of Shadow Realm, complete Peace Intermediate Dungeon to impossible Quests, such as defeat 50 Gray Dire Wolves (Only exist in Mythril Armor Ciar Dungeon in G2 for Paladin Quest), or defeat 50 Goblin Bandits (Field Boss of Dunbarton).

-Outfitting Partners-
Partners can equip items like normal player do. In order to do so, the players can gift 1 item to a partner every real day.
Partners have restrictions to what weapons they can wield. They can only wield single handed weapons, they cannot use 2 hand weapons such as Dragon Fang.
You may gift partners bows and let them equip it. However, it has been know that this can cause other items you gift to them to disappear.
Partners can wear almost anything in the different equipment slots, with restriction only to clothing part.
Once the items gifted to the partners will become partner-only items. In order to get them back, you have to use partner-restricted removal potion.

Partners can only wear their respective job clothing in addition to their clothing:
Butler--- Butler Suit, Couple's Suit
Maid--- Maid Long, Maid Short

Item given to partners to wear lose durability. If you want to repair the item, you must use the partner-restricted removal potion and repair it normally.
There is however another way. Simply wait until the item is dropped when the partner is knocked unconscious. You will be able to pick up the item and repair it and gift it back. This was possible until an update that seemly made the item equipped to partners not drop at all, so this is may not be viable. Partner's Item will never drop (This is because partner's equipment will never lose blessing), 0 durability weapon will not gain attack bonus, nor will enchants be activated.

You are able to give partner special items like Partner Magic broom / Partner Noble carriage and they will bee act as Flying Mount and Mounts carry you across Erinn. Since these items disappear once you use it, you cannot share them across partner if you have multiple partners. If you give both the Magical broom and the Noble carriage to a partner, when you use the mount shortcut key it will use the item last used, if you wish to use the other transportation you must right click it.

There is however a bug, that will allow you to let your partner wear the clothing you want.
In order to do this, you need personalize the clothing you want to gift to your partner through either upgrade or personalized enchants. Once it is personalized, you need to use de-personalized potion to de-personalize the item. After that is done, drag the item to the partner's Inventory and click it to let them equip it. This can be applied to the weapons as well, and this will also allow them to wield 2 hand weapons.
*Note: This is a bug, if by chance you lost items because of it or cannot obtain the item back, it is your own fault if you chose to use it.

*Partners do take up account space just like pets. If you have reached max account limit you cannot create a partner.

~And that's the end...enjoy the partner screenshots from Taiwan Server~

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PostSubject: Re: Maid & Butler Guide   Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:49 pm

Last guy: forever alone lvl 100000
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Maid & Butler Guide
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