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 Potion Love Events

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PostSubject: Potion Love Events   Potion Love Events EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 3:03 am

Share the Love

Starting February 23rd to March 15th, in-game events will be back in Mabinogi! To start off, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day late with the Valentine's Day Event. It's never too late to share the love!

Potion Love Events 00Dg2-fdea1152-e7e0-4466-9eea-5e866f015d1a
Log into Erinn to start the event and obtain a quest to go see the Commerce Merchant Nunu. He will then ask you to bake a Chocolate Cake for him. Bring the cake back and receive a Gesture Coupon as well as a special Math Dungeon Pass. While in the Math Dungeon, you will have a chance to have another Gesture Coupon drop.

Potion Love Events 00Dg2-ed207a08-ef31-4b83-a016-8f830c14ded5
The Gesture Coupons allow your character to have two new gestures in the game! Ready to propose to that special girl/boy in-game? Use the two new gestures "I Love you" and "Propose" to display your affection!

Potion Love Events 00Dg2-e1189892-e2ce-47c6-a76b-c82ac3c0b474

Falling behind? Participate!
Another event that will be taking place the same time as the Valentine's Day Event is the Potion Party Event! Running from February 23rd to March 15th, the Potion Party event will allow you to catch up to friends!

Potion Love Events 00Dg2-c69d7042-8773-4174-9c6a-a8d00cacfb95

Log into Mabinogi to receive a Potion Party Coupon. One coupon per day (Real Time). Use your Yellow Wing to teleport to Caravan Joe. However many coupons you have collected will determine which Potions will be available to you.

  • Potion Party Giftbox
  • Sweet Potion Party Giftbox
  • Superior Potion Party Giftbox
  • AP Potion 5
  • AP Potion 15
  • AP Potion 30

Enjoy your life in Erinn!
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Potion Love Events
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