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 Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12)

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Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12) Empty
PostSubject: Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12)   Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12) EmptyTue Apr 17, 2012 9:46 pm

Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12) 00Dnl-e5c567b8-2d22-47e6-88a2-7b1ec20e8ba0

Another day, another maintenance! Mabinogi is now open and includes quite a few new enhancements for your benefit! See below for a full list of what was added:

Merchant Destiny added
Gold Strike skill available for Merchant Destinies

Alarm Clock added to main interface
Allows players to set up to 5 alarms at once
Weather UI added
Allows players to see what the next 3 weather changes will be and when they will happen
Minimap icons added
Green triangles mark NPCs
White triangles mark non-aggressive monsters
Red triangles mark aggressive monsters
2 extra skill slots have been added to the main interface

Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12) 00Dnl-d6bea7bc-3da9-4c3e-a9ed-98eab036c332

Male and Female Cylinder Spirit Weapons added
Crystal Lightning/Crown Ice/Phoenix Fire/Tikka Wood Healing Wands are now available as Spirit Weapons

Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12) 00Dnl-b4207258-0527-45c5-a34e-0df310d6355b

Commerce Smugglers added
Commerce Value has been increased
Wanted Board has been added to the commerce system

Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12) 00Dnl-b5f2e2f1-77fd-41a5-ae43-24f3f280ae62

Please note that some of the Wanted Criminals will appear untranslated. We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Housing Return Coupons now expire after 3 hours
Mana Shield absorbs more damage per MP
Healing restores 1 more health for every 10 MP
Party Healing restores 1 more health for every 5 MP
Heat Buster is now a splash-damage attack
Using Windmill no longer decreases HP
Players can now be attacked while in the Windmill animation
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Mabinogi Patch Notes (04/04/12)
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