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 Nexon Issues a Roll Back

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PostSubject: Nexon Issues a Roll Back   Nexon Issues a Roll Back EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 2:06 am

After 2 months of duping and a week of players severely taking advantage of the exploits, Nexon and Devcat FINALLY took the time to fix the bugs and any current loop holes within the game. Never mind the extended maintenance(s), as far as I was concerned they could have taken an entire week to fix all issues as long as they were fixed. But that's just the problem... The issues weren't resolved. They rolled back a mere 5 days, not eliminating the 1 trillion gold in circulation and also not banning any of the offenders. I find this weak compared to the other servers like TW.

I suppose I should still be thankful that SOMETHING was done, the easiest thing DevCat could have done would be to patch the exploits but keep all duped items and gold in play.

DevCat didn't ban anyone, I'm assuming they saw it as too much of a risk to lose players. (Don't agree with the concept...) A second chance was given to those players who intentionally or unintentionally accepted duped items. On this note, NOMNOMNOM decided to reconsider members previously expelled for accepting duped items and gave them a second chance as well. By all means, we did not take the exploits lightly and we have talked with our members explaining that this was pretty much a warning. The next offense will be an immediate suspension from guild without any exception. 2 members were reinstated in guild, the others kicked for their behavior.

It was sad to see the community crash so quickly, but we're happy to see that things are up and running again. I hope people see this as a learning experience and think twice on taking advantage of exploits the next time it comes around.

Nexon Issues a Roll Back Candy_10
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Nexon Issues a Roll Back
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